Why we use Air Flow Tooth Polishing

What is Airflow Tooth Polishing?

We, here at Financial District Dental Care, pride in keeping up with the latest dental technology and when proven effective, then we put it into our practice as soon as possible. The Airflow Tooth Polishing is one of these very effective new methods that makes a huge difference in your dental health. So, what is Airflow Tooth Polishing? It is the latest technology for plaque removal. Plaque contains millions of bacteria. When left on your teeth and around the gum line it can cause gum disease and decay. The Airflow works by mixing water and a special powder together with compressed air to remove the plaque. It is painless and gentle on your gum and teeth.

Anyone who has ever cringed as a scraping tool digs into their gums or a polishing disc presses onto tooth enamel will welcome air polishing for its painless, fast and non-invasive method of cleaning. Even deep pockets and interproximal areas are easily reached without uncomfortable and potentially damaging probing by curettes and scrapers and with no instrument contact, the technique does not generate any heat or vibration. The non-toxic powder used in air polishing is also more pleasant and less gritty than the heavy paste used in traditional polishing. Air polishing powders with added flavors, such as spearmint, have even been developed for use in machines, making the experience even more pleasant.

Air flow polishing is ideal for those who suffer from sensitive teeth. This is not only due to the lack of direct contact and the absence of heat and vibration, but because the tiny micro particles of powder can actually fill any exposed dentine tubules and reduce dental sensitivity. Air flow polishing can also encourage the re-mineralization of damaged teeth.

The airflow is also used in the treatment of gum disease. The tip is positioned at the base of the pocket to blast away the bacteria down below the gum where floss and inter-dental brushes won’t reach, therefore reducing the cause of gum disease. Of course, a daily inter-dental cleaning is a must to maintain dental health in between your dental checkups.

In addition, it is very effective in stain removal, helping your teeth back to their original color. We can treat teeth stains from smoking, spicy foods, tea, coffee and red wine.

It is also great for cleaning around orthodontic brackets and braces. It’s very hard to keep braces clean. The Airflow blasts away any bacteria that is stuck to the metal brackets. Plaque and residues left around the brackets can cause decalcification of your enamel and can leave unsightly marks on your teeth after the brackets have been removed. Denture cleaning is another use.

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