Straight Talk About Retainers and Invisalign from Dr. Hahn

It’s remarkable how many patients we see at Financial District Dental Care who have had previous orthodontics but now have crowded and misaligned teeth (again)! In the past, orthodontists recommended various wearing times for retainers, but the consensus now is that retainers need to be worn FOR LIFE!

Our teeth are moving throughout our lifetimes, and to best preserve the results of orthodontics, permanently-bonded retainer wires are ideal; second best would be to use removable retainers EVERY night while sleeping.

We do offer the best in ‘invisible’ orthodontics in our practice in the San Francisco Financial District! Invisalign is a proven alternative to traditional braces, providing the latest in clear aligner technology backed by a company that spends a significant amount on Research & Development to ensure that their product remains at the cutting edge!

As another option, if Invisalign is a treatment you may want to do in the future, retainers should still be considered now to prevent additional tooth crowding and misalignment; this will also help to keep eventual Invisalign treatment time down to a minimum. The longer you wait, the longer the total treatment time!

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