Airflow Teeth Cleaning and Polishing at Financial District Dental Care after 2 years of use

We’ve been using the Airflow Teeth Polishing System since early 2018. We did a blog about it when we first installed our Airflow Teeth Cleaning and Polishing unit in our office. We knew from the very start that this method was far superior compared to the traditional teeth cleaning method. If you’ve been to a dental cleaning, then you know the traditional method very well. A dental hygienist will use a dental pick to scrape the calcium and tartar build-ups on the surface and in-between teeth. It takes time. In some cases, a little painful. Once the scraping is done, a little bit of polishing paste is used to smooth out the nicks and roughness on the surface of the teeth until they are smoothed out. Sometimes, a single visit may not be enough to do a thorough cleaning.

Then there is the Airflow Teeth Cleaning method. You can read our previous blog about “Why we use Airflow Teeth Cleaning and Polishing?” here. Since then many of our patients have commented how great of an experience it was vs. the traditional cleaning. Well, seeing is believing. So, here is a video showing the difference between Traditional vs. Airflow Teeth Cleaning.

Give us a call if you are in need of teeth cleaning. Our hygienist will be very happy to use the Airflow method to give you the best teeth cleaning experience and results.

To make an appointment, please call (415) 433-1970.